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An official IRC channel has been established on the Freenode network. Please join #freeshoppa to find opponents you can play with!

Furthermore, we plan to organize the first FreeShoppa tournament so if you would like to take part, contact chomzee and stay tuned.

P.S. If you don't use IRC, you can use freenode java applet.

chomzee, 27th April 2009

FreeShoppa 0.18

Small bug fix was made. I also used autoconf tool to generate configure script to make compilation process easier. Gentoo ebuild and binary packages for other distributions will appear soon.

Promised changes (new textures, maps etc) will hopefuly be done in next release.

chomzee, 16th January 2009

FreeShoppa 0.17

New version has been released after over two months of break. Some important changes has been made, such as:

  • ABL rule, automatic turn skipping if someone COWs (there are still some issues with this feature, everything will be fixed in 0.18)
  • Waving water
  • You can switch water and background with cl_water and cl_background commands
  • You can make lines thicker with cl_linewidth
  • Remote Console for server administrators
  • You can use SHIFT key to see where the weapon is
  • Cool new sounds: moo.wav and oneandonly.wav
  • Some bug fixes

I hope you like the changes. The next version (0.18) will probably include new textures, weapons, maps and some new features. Please be patient. :)

chomzee, 24th February 2008

FreeShoppa Map Editor

We have all been waiting for it so long and now, the first version of FreeShoppa Map Editor, is done! You may design any map you want with easy-in-use WYSIWYG editor. Before you start working with editor, please, read HOW_TO_USE text file included to FreeShoppa Map Editor.

Have fun using this stuff!

maxest, 30th December 2007

FreeShoppa 0.16

New version has been released for you today. Changelog is very modest:

  • New sounds
  • New textures
  • New menus

Have fun and good luck!

chomzee, 14th December 2007

FreeShoppa 0.15

This release is decesive. The new things are:

  • The background texture
  • First sounds
  • Eyes error bug fixed
  • "Status File" for dedicated servers
  • Some other bug fixes


chomzee, 30th November 2007

Development is slowing down

As you can see, development of FreeShoppa is not as efficent as it was at the beginning of September. The main reason is... studies. Both me and the lead artist have very little time to work with our OpenSource project. But I'm sure that project will not die.

The principal aim for now is to create graphics and make the game more attractive for beginning players. Next I'd like to create some tutorial-movies for newbies. 0.15 version will be released as soon as the background texture is made.

We are also looking for a person who can prepare sounds for the game. I hope I'll find someone, otherwise I'll need to borrow some '.wav's from other projects, but it is surely not good idea.

chomzee, 25th November 2007

Live Server Scanner

You can check who is playing FreeShoppa right now on the new Live Server Scanner. I hope I will be able to release freeshoppa-0.15 this weekend.

chomzee, 23rd November 2007

New FreeShoppa website

I'm glad to present a new version of FreeShoppa website. Since now it will contain news both in English and Polish language. Please forgive me my poor English and mail me any spelling or grammar mistakes I make. :)

I'm currently waiting for new graphics (e.g. background texture) to make FS even prettier.

chomzee, 13th November 2007